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San Francisco Bay Area Watercolors

That's me!As a realistic painter who happens to work in watercolors, I am challenged, and often, surprised by the capricious nature of the medium. My aim is to capture the light and mood of a subject, and translate what I see and feel into paint - bringing the viewer into familiar, and unfamiliar, places. I paint what moves me, often finding beauty in the everyday. The bulk of my works are landscapes, most notably of the San Francisco Bay Area, but I also do some figurative works, slice-of-life narratives and still lifes. My influences include 19th and 20th century American realists and artists from the French Impressionists.

I am a Bay Area native, and have expressed myself through art since I can remember. I majored in Graphic Design with a concentration in Illustration and graduated with a Bachelors degree from San Jose State University. I have worked for many years as a Graphic Designer and currently live in Fremont, California.


News / Mentions:

CWA Presents Carolyn Lord's Gallery Talk 2023 11/2023, Carolyn discusses elements of good painting with examples from art history and CWA 2023 National Exhibition, mentions "La Jolla Morning" painting (at 39:26 - 40:29)

2022 Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Kenosha Public Museum 7/2022, Juror's exhibition walkthrough with Linda Kemp and Andy Evansen - Linda mentions "Woman with a Mask" (at 4:07 - 6:10)

Pleasanton Weekly 7/2021, p16, article on Alameda County Fair Art Competitions

KTSF Business & Lifestyle 10/2019, interview for Chinese TV show

KTSF Business & Lifestyle 2/2019, interview for Chinese TV show (in English with Mandarin translation)

KTSF Business & Lifestyle 1/2018, interview for Chinese TV show - quick watercolor demo (pt 1)

KTSF Business & Lifestyle 1/2018, interview for Chinese TV show - quick watercolor demo (pt 2)

KTSF Business & Lifestyle 8/2017, interview for Chinese TV show (in English with Mandarin translation)

Good Times 8/2017, Santa Cruz news article on Santa Cruz Art League's landscape exhibit


Signature Status

CWA California Watercolor Association
PWS Pittsburgh Watercolor Society
WW Watercolor West

Exhibits / Awards


New Museum of Los Gatos (NUMU) 2023 Greater Bay Area Open: Pancho Jimenez, Allison Railo
"The Unbearable Lightness of Being" - First Place Award; Watercolors

Salon @the Triton

Alameda County Fair
"Down in the Valley" (Second Place, Watercolor), "Forest for the Trees" and "Ohlone Sundown"

Watercolor West 2023 International Exhibition: Michael Reardon
"Thunderclouds Over Picacho Peak"

Harrington Gallery Fresh Works 11 Juried Exhibit
"Cedar St"

Pacific Art League "Works on Paper" Exhibit
"Angel" and "Dresden" (Honorable Mention)

Tracy Art League - "Expressions 2023" Show:
"Afternoon in the Garden", "Sedona Evenglow", "Forest for the Trees", "The Secret Life of Statues", "Life Goes On" and "Palms at Sunset"

California Watercolor Association 53rd National Exhibition: Gary Tucker, Awards - Uma Kelkar
"La Jolla Morning" - SF MOMA Award/Flax Award


Philadelphia Watercolor Society 122nd International Exhibition
"The Secret Life of Statues"

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 43rnd International Juried Exhibition
"Life Goes On"

Pittsburgh Watercolor Society Aqueous Open 2022
"Sedona Evenglow" and "China Cove Rocks"

Carnegie Arts Center
"Afternoon in the Garden" and "Wash Day"

Alameda County Fair
"Filoli Fountain", "The Outsiders" and "Three Persimmons Intimidating a Tomato"

Georgia Watercolor Society 43rd National Exhibition 2022: Mark Mehaffey
"Ethereal Morning"

Tracy Art League - "Expressions 2022" Show: Deanna Hunt
"Secrets" - First Place (watercolors), "Goat Buffet" - Purchase Award, "Below Hidden Falls", "Canyon Shadows" and "Ohlone Sundown"

Pacific Art League "Ode to California" Exhibit: Jim Caldwell
"Filoli Fountain" and "These Hallowed Hallways" - Third Place Award

Watercolor Art Society - Houston 2022 International Watermedia Exhibition: Mark Mehaffey
"Pandemic Boredom"

New Museum of Los Gatos (NUMU) 2022 Greater Bay Area Open: Preston Metcalf, Julie Ericsson
"La Jolla Morning" - First Place Award; Watercolors

Western Colorado Watercolor Society 2022 Rockies West National Exhibit: Lorraine Watry
"Moon Over Mission" - Jack Richeson Award

California Watercolor Association 52nd National Exhibition: Andy Evansen
"China Cove Rocks"


Santa Cruz Art League 91st Annual Statewide California Landscape Exhibition: Carolyn Lord
"Afternoon in the Garden" - Third Place Award

Pittsburgh Watercolor Society Aqueous Open 2021: Carla O' Connor

Philadelphia Watercolor Society 121st International Exhibition
"Piazza Navona"

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 42nd International Juried Exhibition
"Past and Future"

Alameda County Fair
"Hidden Away" (Best of Show), "Neighborhood Colors" (Second Place, Watercolor)

San Diego Watercolor Society 41st Annual International Exhibition: Michael Holter
"Pandemic Boredom"

Georgia Watercolor Society 42nd National Exhibition 2021: Linda Baker
"Writing's on the Wall"

California Watercolor Association 51st National Exhibition: Frank Webb


Transparent Watercolor Society of America 44th National Exhibition
"Wheel Man"

National Watercolor Society 100th International Open Exhibition: Katherine Chang Liu, Dean Mitchell & John Salminen
"Pandemic Boredom"

Missouri Watercolor Society 2020 International Exhibition: Thomas Schaller
"Piazza Navone"

Watercolor Art Society - Houston 2020 International Watermedia Exhibition: Eric Wiegardt
"Writing's on the Wall"

Georgia Watercolor Society 41st National Exhibition 2020: Linda Baker
"Manhattan Brownstones"

Western Colorado Watercolor Society 2020 Rockies West National Exhibit: Ken Call
"Waiting in the Courtyard"

Santa Cruz Art League 90th Annual Statewide CA Landscapes Exhibition
"Sunrise in the Headlands" and "Santa Cruz Eucalyptus"

Hayward Area Recreation and Park District 42nd Area Artists' Annual Juried Exhibition
"Three Bells for Father Serra" and "Easy Rider" - Honorable Mention award

Tracy Art League - "Expressions 2020" Show
"Everyday Relics" - 1st Place (watercolors), "Quiet River", "Path", "Reflect" and "Almost Dry"

California Watercolor Association 50th National Exhibition: John Salminen & Michael Reardon
"End of the Line" - M. Graham and Co. Award


Watercolor West 2019 International Exhibition: Keiko Tanabe
"Island Dancer"

Pittsburgh Watercolor Society Aqueous Open 2019: Frank Eber
"These Hallowed Hallways" - Frank Webb Award

Stockton Art League 6th Annual Juried Exhibition
"Room with a View", "Ohlone Willow" and "Easy Rider" - Second Place

Philadelphia Watercolor Society 119th Anniversary International Exhibition: Joseph Zbukvic
"Manhattan Brownstones"

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 40th International Juried Exhibition: John Salminen
"Low Tide Shrimpers" - Merchandise Award

New Museum of Los Gatos (NUMU) 2019 Greater Bay Area Open: Ric Ambrose
"Fall Run (Carquinez)"

Missouri Watercolor Society 2019 International Exhibition: Mike Bailey
"Almost Dry"

Alameda County Fair
"Carquinez Rust" (Silver Award), "Connected" (Silver Award), "Some Light Summer Reading..." (Honorable Mention), "Ho'okipa Sunbathers", Santa Cruz Eucalyptus" and "Venetian Window Display"

Red River Watercolor Society National Juried Watermedia Exhibition: Iain Stewart
"Everyday Relics"

Artworks Downtown, San Rafael - "Coastal"
"Angry Pacific"

Tracy Art League - "Expressions 2019" Show
"Half Dome", "Yosemite Valley", "Venetian Window Display", "Doge's Palace Column Detail" and "Vintage Steel"

Santa Cruz Art League 89th Annual California Land & Sea Exhibit
"Cathedral" - Honorable Mention Award

Western Colorado Watercolor Society Rockies West National Exhibit
"Quiet River"


San Diego Watercolor Society 38th Annual International Exhibition: John Salminen
"Wash Day"

Santa Cruz Art League 88th Annual California Land & Sea Exhibit
"Sea Salt in Carmel" and "Tidal Rhythms"

The Haggin Museum, Stockton - "Juried Exhibit at the Haggin"
"These Hallowed Hallways"

Valley Art Gallery, Walnut Creek - "Bay Area Life 2018"

Olive Hyde Gallery, Fremont - "Hidden Treasures / Local Talent"
"Hwy 1 Sunrise (Salinas)", "Christmas Barn" and "Lone Bird (Montara)"

Harrington Gallery Eighth Annual Fresh Works Juried Exhibit
"Scenic Commute - Hwy 237 Flyover" and "Chinatown Alley" - Honorable Mention Award

Adobe Art Gallery, Castro Valley - "The View From Here"
"Golden Arches"

Tracy Art League - "Expressions 2018" Show
"43558, 43560 and 43562" - Second Place (watercolors), "Carquinez Rust" - Honorable Mention (watercolors), "Benicia Gold", "Winter Morning", "Cloud Break" and "Swirl"


Arts Benicia - "Gems IV" Show
"Brook" and "Gold"

STUDIO Gallery, San Francisco - "Tiny" Show
"Catch of the Day", "Patterns", "Pious" and "Gnarled"

Pacific Art League "Landscape, Seascape and Cityscape" Exhibit
"Chinatown Alley" and "Paseo Padre"

Marin Society of Artists "The Golden State" Exhibit
"Hwy 1 Sunrise (Salinas)" and "Scenic Commute - Hwy 237 Flyover"

Santa Cruz Art League 87th Annual California Land & Sea Exhibit
"Passing Storm (Alcatraz)" and "Lone Bird (Montara)" - Honorable Mention Award

STUDIO Gallery, San Francisco - "94109"
"Walk (Van Ness & Pacific)"

STUDIO Gallery, San Francisco - "City Streets 2017"
"Fort Point Pier"

New Museum of Los Gatos (NUMU) 2017 Greater Bay Area Open: George Rivera
"Christmas Eve (Cupertino)"

Harrington Gallery Seventh Annual Fresh Works Juried Exhibit
"Bedlam (San Jose)" - Honorable Mention Award


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