Introducing Hypertransfer
Full Bandwidth Utilization, Irrespective of Line Speed, Latency and Data Type
How You Move Data Impacts Your Bottom, Line Every Time.

Ultra-efficient, high-speed data transfer for big jobs

What It Is

HyperTransfer is the most computationally efficient way to securely move large volumes of data to any system or any cloud faster, with higher reliability, and cheaper than alternative solutions. With HyperTransfer, you can achieve the most efficient, high-speed data movement across your network, easily doubling throughput and frequently more. Thus, you can defer bandwidth increases and contain other expenses associated with moving data while enabling greater productivity on your existing infrastructure.

What It Does

HyperTransfer provides ultra-efficient, high-speed data transfer for big jobs. Using powerful optimization algorithms, it moves large volumes of data between systems and across your WAN enabling greater throughput. HyperTransfer securely moves large volumes of small files at the same speeds as moving terabyte-size files while maintaining data integrity.

The HyperTransfer service includes InstaTransfer, a feature which allows large files (e.g., TB-size files) to begin transferring before the file is finished writing. Transfers begin instantly upon file creation, saving hours and using significantly less bandwidth. For instance, you can send files simultaneously from your office in Seattle to your corporate headquarters in New York, as well as to partners in London and Chile — securely, cost effectively, and at maximum throughput for each line, irrespective of various line speeds, latency and data types.

How It Helps

Use the HyperTransfer service to accelerate business on your existing infrastructure while containing the spiraling expense of moving data. With HyperTransfer, achieve the most computationally efficient way to:

  • Migrate entire storage arrays to the cloud.
  • Share large files among distributed teams and systems.
  • Transport mezzanine files to multiple sites simultaneously.
  • Automate watch folders.

Moreover, by embedding the HyperTransfer service in your workflow systems, you can narrow the gap between machine and human workflow, saving significant time and expense.

How It Works

HyperTransfer transmits data over TCP/IP via its WAN optimized link. Its proprietary engine includes:



Compressors for different bandwidths and data compressibility, including auto-sense for uncompressible data

Secure Transmission

Secure Transmission

Authentication based on the industry’s strongest elliptic curves and transient keys providing perfect forward secrecy



Encryption with AES 256 with CTR or GCM modes



Block-level statistical differencing to further optimize transfers

Data Integrity

Data Integrity

MD5 or SHA-3 level verification for all transmission blocks



Cloud object movement with S3 and OpenStack support

HyperTransfer works on any flavor of UNIX® or Windows® operating system. Simply install the HyperTransfer service at the source and target endpoints of the file transfer.

The software is designed to be integrated with other tools easily. HyperTransfer is programmable via REST API calls with an XML format body. A command line utility is available to access most of HyperTransfer’s operations with a familiar UNIX syntax.

Learn how ultra-efficient, high-speed data transfer can be embedded in your workflow to move business faster:

How To Buy

TransferSoft keeps pricing simple and predictable. Pricing is based on the number of nodes and packaged in increments of 10 nodes for flexibility. Choose from two annual subscription plans: Enterprise (e.g., workflow integration) and OEM.

Enterprise OEM
Predictable pricing: NO fees for bandwidth nor data volume Yes Yes
Annual subscription, licensed per node in flex packs Yes
Separate OEM pricing based on yearly volume Yes
Platforms and Support
Linux – CentOS 7.4/6.9, Fedora 20/23/27, Ubuntu 16.04, and others upon request Yes Yes
Windows 8 .MSI Yes Yes
Enterprise Support Yes Yes
Workflow and Integration
REST API allows creating automated tasks easily Yes Yes
Command line interface for control and flexibility Yes Yes
Port forwarding enables application transfers to be tunneled Yes Yes
Extend HyperTransfer to your partners Yes Yes
On-demand data transfer reports Yes Yes
Deeply customizable Yes
Data Transfer Optimization and Automation
Ultra efficient, high-speed data transfer Yes Yes
Secure transmission and encryption Yes Yes
Data integrity and differencing Yes Yes
Compression, including auto-sense for uncompressible data Yes Yes
Bandwidth throttling to optimize traffic Yes Yes
Cloud object movement with S3 and OpenStack support Yes Yes
InstaTransfer automatically transfers files while being written Yes Yes
Watch folders automate tasks easily Yes Yes
Built-in scheduler allows cron-like job scheduling Yes Yes