“How you move data impacts your bottom line, every time.
How you move data impacts your bottom line, every time.

Who We Are

We specialize in ultra-efficient, high-speed data transfer that can be embedded in your workflow.

Founded in 2014 with headquarters in Los Angeles, TransferSoft enables business to operate more efficiently with their networks by providing ultra-efficient, high-speed data transfer services.

What Drives Us

  • Innovation is limitless, but resources are not. We respect hard-earned investments in technology infrastructure, so we innovate solutions that maximize productivity on your existing network while helping you contain the spiraling expense associated with moving data.
  • Ultra-efficient is our state-of-mind. We design intelligently optimized software that narrows the gap between human and machine workflow, so you can hone operations without disruption.
  • Reliability in an uncertain world is priceless. We endeavor to foster a responsible digital culture that is predictable, secure and auditable, so you can elect to extend ultra-efficient, high-speed data transfer with your partner community.
  • Never too cool for school. We welcome feedback, suggestions and ideas on how we can better serve you. We are self-motivated, always learning and working hard to enable businesses to do more with the resources they have, right now.

What We Do

We build services that are computationally efficient and optimized to move large volumes of data securely, from Point A to Point B, for applications, such as:

  • Migration and archive – Moving large volumes of enterprise data over private networks, public networks and to the cloud.
  • Broadcast and multicast – Delivering high quality digital content in multiple file formats across a myriad of media platforms and outlets to targeted destinations.
  • Cloud computing – Sharing compute and data resources among agencies, universities and industries, like National Institutes of Health and R&D.
  • Content sharing – Sharing development projects between teams of engineers working in close cooperation on consistent and accurate data.
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